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How Ayurvedic Is Beneficial For Jointpain?

Ayurveda-The essence of physical ,mental and spiritual well being Ayurveda literally means the science of life. It emphasizes living in harmony with the environment. The course of treatment it recommends consists of herbs, massages and incorporating changes in the diet. It is a healing process which focuses on the innermost aspects of a person -spiritual,physical […]

How Can Ayurvedic Treatment Be Valuable For Cervical Spondylosis?

How Ayurveda is beneficial for joint pain Joints make up a significant part of our bodies. Imagine moving your body without their help you will come to know what I am talking about. A person needs joints to move efficiently.A person exerts a lot of pressure on his joints to move his body. The continuous […]

Ayurveda’s Solutions for Depression

The modern and hectic lifestyles of today have brought significant mental ailments. These diseases differ from person to person and entail issues such as stress, depression among others. Depression has been escalating in the contemporary world which has affected many lives. There are many treatments available for curing depression and Ayurveda turns out to be […]

Tips to Get Rid of Joint Pain In Old Age

Knee pain can make your daily routine activities very difficult. Whether the pain in the knee is due to a twitch in the muscle, the post-workout pain, or the due to an old injury it is very difficult to bear the pain. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the cause. The patient may feel normal […]

Here’s How Yoga Helps In Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a condition causing joint pain and joint disease, prompting stiffness, irritation, and loss of versatility in the joints. In the event that you are experiencing joint pain, you will realize how much this can influence one’s life. So it’s valuable to understand what yoga could do, and how you could alter your yoga […]

Ayurveda’s Healing approach for Joint Pain Treatment

Pain is the common and most serious issue in individuals. Treatment for pain has been a significant focus on all systems of prescription. The word illness itself symbolizes a difficult condition. Additionally, allopathic medicines give relief for some time. Whereas Ayurvedic treatment provides you lifetime relief. The ayurvedic treatment uses herbal medicines and exercises such […]

Daily Habits To Follow In Order To Get Rid Of Back Pain

The modern sedentary lifestyles have led to a decline in the health of masses. They are consistently being caught in the grip of one or other ailment which has taken a toll on their health. One issue that people today are facing is back pain due to which the number of visits to the doctors […]

Home Remedies To Treat Knee Pain

In your daily life, every person faces some health issue due to work they do or the pressure they put on their body. One such problem is knee joint which can leave a long-term impact on your body. This problem is experienced by almost everyone after a certain age. Some of the causes of knee […]

Foods and Lifestyle Habits to Help Dry Joints

Joint support the bones and also hold them at one place. One of the main function of bones is to give support, on the other hand, the joints give flexibility to our body. All the supportive tissues, bones, ligaments are Kapha Dosha. While joint is where the bones meet each other is dominated by Vata […]