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Foods and Lifestyle Habits to Help Dry Joints

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Joint support the bones and also hold them at one place. One of the main function of bones is to give support, on the other hand, the joints give flexibility to our body. All the supportive tissues, bones, ligaments are Kapha Dosha. While joint is where the bones meet each other is dominated by Vata Dosha. It is because of the ligaments that the nervous impulse are carried to the muscles. Healthy joint tissue and function are important in our moving and expressing ourselves through bodies.

A disturbed Vata dosha can create many kinds of imbalances in the joint which further result in pain and uneasiness. The drying up of vata can lower down the qualities of Kapha and joint surfaces can also become rough. Some common symptoms of having vata imbalance are joints become dry, the joints make a sound of cracking and popping, muscle spasms are very common. Some factors for all this to occur are, jogging, jumping, doing heavy exercise, injury, eating dry foods in excess, living in a cold or dry environment, along with irregular eating habits and leading a wrong lifestyle.

Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain demands the patients to do the following undermentioned things .

  • Making a timetable for everything. It can be of sleeping, waking up at the same time every day.
  • Self-oil massage to be done every evening with the help of organic oils like sesame or Vata massage oil.
  • Eat a Vata diet, and also take meals at regular intervals.
  • Indulge in some yoga. Pawan Mukta asna is of great help in reducing vata and in increasing lubrication of joints.
  • Have warm foods, which are healthy and also easy to digest. Kitchari is the perfect food to be eat.
  • Include more of ghee or flaxseed oil in your menu. They are good for improving cellular intelligence.
  • Do not use more of sugar and also do not have alcohol.  Prefer using unprocessed, raw honey in order to aid in getting rid of ama.
  • Try to refrain from dairy products.
  • Sip hot water and tea which is made from dry ginger root.
  • Practicing deep breathing exercises will also help in removing natural toxins from the body.

Keep doing these joint pain Ayurvedic treatment, and you will be hale and hearty in a very short period of time.

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