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Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is the condition where the person can suffer due to inflammation of the tendons and swelling of the tendons in the outer portion of the elbow joint due to which person may feel severe pain in the elbow and arm.

Generally, the people involved in the racquet sports like tennis get suffered from this painful condition but other people that perform the activities that put pressure on the elbow muscles and doing repetitive gripping activities can also suffer from this condition. Let us understand the reasons and signs of this condition along with Ayurvedic tennis Elbow Treatment option.

As discussed above that this disease of painful elbow joint can get develop due to performing repetitive gripping activities as by gripping things like racket elbow joints get trenched that put too much stress on the tendons as a result of which person may feel pain in elbow and arm. Most common causes of this problem are as follows

  • Excessive strain and overuse of elbow muscles
  • People involved in the racquet sports and the physical activities performed with hand especially that give stretch to elbow joint and thumb
  • People indulge in gripping activities

It is the type of tendonitis that includes elbow pain and tenderness in the bony knob and even this pain can also radiate into the upper or lower arm of the person. The patient may feel following signs of tennis elbow

  • Pain while Lifting something
  • Pain while making the fist
  • Gripping of an object like tennis racket can be painful for the person suffering from this condition
  • The person may feel pain while raising a hand and straightening the wrist
  • A person may have pain in the lateral side of the elbow
  • Inability to do functions with a forearm

During the tennis Elbow Treatment doctors generally aims to reduce the inflammation of tendons, relieve pain and to restore the normal functioning of the affected elbow. There can be various treatment options for the conditions in different branches of medical like allopathic, homeopathy or ayurvedic but ayurvedic treatment is considered as the better options as ayurvedic treatment includes the herbal medicines, therapies and some exercises that can help the patient to get relief from this painful condition and to restore the functioning of the joint.

In tennis Elbow, Herbal treatment approach anti-inflammatory herbal medicines are recommended to the patient that help in healing the tears of tendons and ligaments and even some herbal medicated oils are given for massage on the affected area to restore the functioning and strength of the muscles. Along with these herbal medicines, the person is also asked to perform some ayurvedic therapies like Podikkizhi, Ilakkizhi, Tailadhara so that inflammation and pain both can be relieved.

Thus ayurvedic Tennis Elbow treatment is safe and effective due to which person may get relief from this painful condition but without any side effects for the body as in this treatment only herbal medicines are recommended that are free from chemicals so are safe