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Foot Pain

As the foot is the most complex structure of our body and having 24 bones, tendons and ligaments in it so any injury to this complex structure can create a problem for us. Foot pain is a most obvious and common problem that has affected almost everyone at one or other point of time. Even the trend of ignoring the foot pain is also common among people as they take it as the minor issue but the negligence of even the mild foot pain can create the bigger problem so it is important to take Foot Pain Treatment on the right time.

Some simple techniques or remedies can help the person to get relief from the foot pain but in case of the severe pain it is important to see the doctor get rid of any unfavorable condition. Thus it is important to know the causes and symptoms of the foot pain so that we could see the doctor at the right time

There can be various minor or major causes for the foot pain as follows

  • The most common cause of the foot pain is our foot wears as tight of uncomfortable shoes or foot wears can give stress to our feet and can cause foot pain so it is important to choose the proper and comfortable footwear
  • Wrong foot postures or the wrong walking style may also cause foot pain
  • Foot injuries, ankle twitches, muscle cramps, sprains, and bruises can also be the different reasons for mild to severe foot pain
  • Foot pain is common among the dancers, athletes or gym goers due to wrong techniques or excessive practice and strain to foot muscles
  • Some diseases like diabetes, infections, gout, warts and inward growth of toenail can also be reasons for foot pain



  • A person may feel foot arch pain
  • Pain in the top of the foot
  • Pain at the bottom of the foot
  • Heel pain
  • All these forms of pain can be different in different patients depending on the cause and severity of the foot pain. Inability to move the foot, swelling and redness can also be the signs of foot pain problem.


Well as discussed above the foot pain can be of different types so the treatment options can also be different and even person may get relief from this pain by doing some rest, some foot exercises or even by taking painkillers but in case of severe pain and swelling of foot you must seek for the best treatment.

Ayurvedic Foot Pain Treatment is considered as the best option when you are suffering from severe foot pain and are even unable to move as the Foot Pain Herbal treatment helps you to not only get relief from the pain with the herbal medicines and traditional therapies but also some medicines based on roots, herbs, plants are also recommended to patient to stop the inflammation and to restore the strength of muscles and joints so that person can get rid of this pain and could perform all activities without any discomfort.