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Osteoporosis And Ayurveda

Osteoporosis is the problem that can affect both men and women but it is more common among women after their menstrual age and in this condition, females suffer from the weakening of bones and even the bones become brittle. In simple words, osteoporosis is the condition in which the bones become thin and the inner bone mass lost in this condition. Thinning of bones leading to fractures and cracks in the bones. This bone disorder affects mainly hip, wrist and even in the spine.

As the bones are living tissues and constantly keep on evolving through the formation of new tissues and the bone resorption takes place but when mainly for these major functions of the body get imbalanced then the person may experience the loss in the bone density that leads to osteoporosis. Following are some common causes for this bone-thinning problem and imbalance of the major functions of the body

  • Aging
  • Excessive body weight
  • After menopause lack of sex hormones among women become the cause for bone thinning
  • Excessive drug abuse, smoking, and alcohol consumption
  • Side effects or reactions of some medicines can also cause this problem
  • Genetic reasons

Ayurvedic treatment of Osteoporosis mainly focuses on the healing of bones and health of joints so that person could get relief from this problem. As per the ayurvedic experts’ bones are the part of Vata Dosha and the bones manage the movement of entire body so Osteoporosis ayurvedic treatment ensure the proper functioning of Ashti dhatu by improving the health of joints and bones with following remedies.

  • Triphala is very effective ayurvedic medicine recommended by the professional to treat the bone disorders as this herbal combination is very beneficial in treating the colon so nourish the bones
  • Guggul is also effective ayurvedic medicine for Osteoporosis that is helpful in treating cholesterol and intensify the growth of bone density.
  • Sesame seeds and oil are also very beneficial to cure the bone and teeth ailments.
  • Amalaki is an effective remedy for restoring lost tissues so is helpful for osteoporosis.

Although there are a number of treatment options Ayurveda is the best healing system that can help osteoporosis patients as it can reduce the probability of this problem or any other bone disorder but in this treatment approach patients have to change some of his or her eating habits and lifestyle choices and even the ayurvedic professionals combine the ayurvedic medicines with some traditional therapies, yoga, and exercises so that this bone-thinning problem can be reversed and the person can resume his or her daily activities without any difficulty.