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Scoliosis is the condition in which the spine gets curved from side to side and it looks like "S" or "C". This S or C like the structure of the spine is seen on X-ray view. This condition of spine disorder can be found in both boys and girls but girls are more prone to this spine issue.

This problem may affect the person in late childhood and in early adolescence means in the growing age of the children. In a few cases, this curve can be temporary and automatically get cured but it can create many other issues for the person.

This spine issue can be classified in three following types

  • Congenital scoliosis
  • Idiopathic Scoliosis
  • Neuromuscular scoliosis

There can be following common causes for this problem

  • It can be caused due to the birth defects
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Connective tissue disorder
  • Marfan’ s syndrome
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Physical trauma

There can be following signs and symptoms noticed in this spine syndrome

  • A person may have uneven musculature on one side of his or her spine
  • Uneven length of hips or legs
  • Slow nerve action due to the improper shape of the spine

Ayurvedic Treatment Of Scoliosis

In scoliosis person may feel the complications like inflammation of the soft tissue, breathing issues, bleeding and nerve injuries so it is important to cure this disorder so it is important to get the proper and effective cure for this problem so that all these complications can be sorted out.