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Shoulder Pain

Wide and versatile range of motions are connected with the human shoulder so when there is something happen wrong with the shoulder then it could hamper the mobility of arm and shoulder and cause pain and discomfort for the person.

As the shoulder joint is most mobile joint of the human body and it helps the shoulder to move forward and backward and allow the arm to move in circular motion, upwards and even away from the body so any issue of the shoulder joint can restrict the person’s mobility and make the joint painful. Let us understand the should pain and disorder in detail

There can be various factors and conditions that can become the cause of pain in the shoulder as follows

  • Rotator cuff tendinitis is the prime cause for the shoulder pain as in this condition tendons get inflamed and lead to the painful joint.
  • Impingement syndrome is another cause of the shoulder pain in which rotator cuff get caught between the acromium and the humeral head that cause pain in the shoulder.
  • Neck or bicep injury can also cause the referred pain in the shoulder.
  • A shoulder injury can also make your shoulder joint painful and stiff.
  • Due to arthritis in the shoulder
  • Swelling of bursa sacs or tendons
  • Pinching nerve of neck or shoulder
  • A broken arm or shoulder bone
  • Frozen or dislocated shoulder
  • Spinal cord injury

Most common sign of the arthritis of the shoulder of the pain and which can be acute or severe. Even the shoulder pain can be in the different for different patients like

  • If the patient’s glenohumeral shoulder joint is affected then the person can experience the centered pain in the back shoulder and it can get worse with the changes in weather
  • In the case of acromioclavicular joint disorder, the patient may have pain in the top of the shoulder and it can radiate to the neck
  • If the person is suffering from RA then he or she may have pain throughout the shoulder.

Apart from the painful condition person may also suffer due to the limited motion of the joint which is another sign of shoulder joint disorder means the person may feel pain or difficulty in moving his or her shoulder.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Shoulder Pain

There are various treatment options to get relieved from shoulder pain but most of the people choose Ayurvedic Shoulder Pain Treatment as it is the effective and only option that can reverse the painful condition of the shoulder joint and even help the patient to resume his or her normal activities of the shoulder.

We offer the Shoulder Pain Herbal treatment in which our experts provide some herbal medicines that are free from chemicals and are very safe and effective for the patient. Along with the medicines some therapies, exercises, changes in the lifestyle and eating habits are also recommended by our experts so that patient could not only get relief from pain but can also restore the strength of his shoulder joints and muscles and perform normal activities without any difficulty.