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Have you ever heard about painful wrist or numbness and weakness in hand? Have you noticed someone squeezing his or her hands frequently after doing some activities like lifting or typing? If yes then the person can have the medical problem called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which affects directly to the nerves and joints of the fingers o it is really important to have carpal tunnel syndrome treatment as otherwise this condition can get worse and can affect adversely to the ability to do daily activities. .

For the depth information about this condition let us understand what carpal tunnel is and what is its syndrome, causes, and symptoms along with the approaches of ayurvedic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome?

What are Carpal tunnel and its syndrome?

Carpal tunnel or Carpal canal is the narrow passageway on the palmer side of the wrist and it is the side on which nails are not seen. This narrow passageway is made up of bones and connective tissues and many tendons and median nerve pass through this narrow passage. When one or more tendons passing through the carpal tunnel to get swell and degenerate than the passageway becomes narrower and median nerve get compressed due to which the tendons get swollen and it causes carpal tunnel syndrome

In this condition, different patients can have a different level of discomfort, pain or numbness of the hand. Clear symptoms of this condition start from the mild discomfort and wrist pain and can be noticed as follows

  • Tingling and burning sensation of the hand
  • Wrist pain
  • Weakness in the affected hand
  • Weak grip
  • Wasting of thenar muscles in chronic cases
  • The weakness of palmar abduction of the thumb in a serious condition of this syndrome

The main cause of this syndrome is the overuse, strain and stressed or forceful motions of the hand or wrist and these motions can be higher in the IT professionals, architects or in the computer users. Thus the following can be the most common causes of this medical condition

  • Fracture of the wrist or hand
  • Over and excessive use of the wrist joint while typing, playing piano etc
  • Smoking can also be the reason for this syndrome
  • After menopause and during pregnancy female scan suffer from this syndrome
  • Some diseases like high BP, arthritis, diabetes .obesity etc can also cause this problem.

Following are some tips for getting relief from wrist pain like

  • You can apply mahanaryana herbal oil two times a day to get relief
  • Do some wrist movements
  • Heat therapy is also a good remedy that you can try by washing hands with hot water and even by dipping the towel in hot water and fermenting your wrist in it
  • Applying the crystal salt by taking it in a cloth and warming in the pan. In the same way, you can use castor or moringa leaves.

If you have chosen Ayurvedic treatment of wrist pain then it can be a rational decision for you as in this treatment approach ayurvedic medicine for carpal tunnel syndrome and some therapies are combined so that patient can get relief from his problem and his hand movements and functioning can be restored without any difficulty.