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Ayurvedic Clinic In Punjab

Narayani Ayurveda Clinic

Gurdaspur Aggarwal Complex, Kahnuwan Chownk, Gurdaspur Punjab, INDIA 143528

Narayani Ayurvedic clinic is a doctor’s facility with a distinction. We have spent significant time in planning indigenous Ayurvedic medications that are tweaked according to every patient’s individual medical condition. Additionally, we are dealing with knee pain, joint pain, back pain, and ligament problems. A particular element of the clinic is that it joins Ayurvedic treatment with psychological advising, in this way guaranteeing every patient leaves our clinic with a healthy body and a stress-free mind.
We have a group of qualified Ayurveda specialists and experts experienced in the field of instructing, practicing and spreading Ayurveda.

We are well known for quality Ayurveda and authentic treatment administrations available at our Ayurvedic Clinic In Punjab. We give Ayurveda medications and care in the most logical way of holding fast to the scientific standards of Ayurveda. Also, we offer the conventional Ayurveda encounter joined with modern facilities. We have experienced specialists to do the treatments. Both remedial and rejuvenating medicines are done after legitimate medical examination and analysis.


An Ideal Destination To Get Treated Fully With Natural Methods In No time


Knee pain

Get Relief From Ligament Injuries

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Joints pain

Get Cure Of Your Inflammatory Process

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Hip pain

Get Perfect Cartilage Correction

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testiminols 4

A Real Treat..Ambience..Massage...Looking after..coming home calmed of your ailments such as knee pain, joint pain, and cervical problems .. Would you be able to request anything better...took a 2 week treatment..completely fulfilled... suggested exceedingly…

testiminols 3

I was searching for a Wellness program in Ayurveda on the web, that is the manner by which I went over Narayani Ayurvedic Clinic. I attempted a health improvement plan alongside wellbeing. My experience of remaining here was great. The staff is cordial and amiable. The treatment was great and specialists are masters.

testiminols 2

My mother was suffering from joint pain from past 5 years and we went to many places yet she didn’t get complete relief, then my friend told me about Narayani Ayurvedic center. We visited this center 3 months ago and my mom felt too good and got great relief. Now, she is able to go anywhere without any help and support. Thanks to Narayani Ayurvedic clinic. Will visit again soon..


I am so contacted by all the adoration and care that the Narayani staff has offered to my husband and me. The space, the service, the glow that they withdraw and every one of its staff give are most wonderful. I am certain to visit again and prescribe it to every one of my companions and family for Ayurvedic treatment. Thank you for giving us such an incredible treatment for knee pain.

The developing prominence of Ayurveda around the globe is because of its an all-encompassing way to deal with life and spirituality.

62 835 90957

“FAQS of Ayurvedic Medicines”

Frequently Asked Questions


Would one be able to take Ayurveda Medicine with current medications?

Unless and until warned by the doctor,usually the ayurvedic medicines can be taken along with allopathic medication. In addition, Ayurveda Medicines are utilized as adjuvant to allopathic drugs in a large portion of degenerative and chronic illnesses.


Does Ayurveda have a response to Allergic diseases?

In modern life diseases have reduced and different allergic disorders have become uncontrolled. Ayurveda offers extremely powerful treatment in every single allergic reaction, for example, different skin problems like Urticaria, Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, just as gives unimaginably marvelous outcomes in Asthmatic Bronchitis.


Are Ayurvedic medicines free of side effects?

In the event that the prescriptions are set up according to the prescribed techniques and managed according to the doctor’s advice, they are safe and secure.

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