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Ankle Sprain

As we all know ankle joint connects the foot and lower leg so when it gets injured sometimes or unnatural twisting of ankle occur then this condition is called sprained ankle and is very painful.

This unnatural twisting motion of ankle joint happens when the foot is planted awkwardly on the uneven ground and even it may happen when the unusual force is applied to the ankle joint. Such types of injuries are most common with the athletes as while running or walking tendons or the ligaments of the ankle get injured. This condition can be very painful for the person and even it can make hard for the person to carry out routine activities.

In sprained ankle generally ligaments that connect the bones of the ankle, get injured due to excessive force or stretching while doing any activity like during the athletic events. This may happen generally when the foot is inverted or turned inward.

Most common causes of this injury can be as follows

  • While running when the foot of a person get planted awkwardly
  • Awkward planting of the foot while performing simple activities like getting out of bed or stepping up or down
  • While walking on the irregular surface can also cause the sprained ankle
  • An ankle sprain is the common sports injury during the athletic events

During this injury, the patient can notice the following signs and symptoms

  • In sprained ankle inflammation occurs due to which the blood vessels become leaky and even the blood flow also get increased
  • Due to increased fluid in the tissue swelling on the ankle may happen and sometimes it can be so severe that person may notice an indentation in the swollen area by pressing it with a finger.
  • It is the painful condition of ankle joint so feeling pain is the obvious symptom in the sprained ankle condition and this pain can be mild to severe and can be consistent.
  • Due to increased blood flow person may also notice some redness and warmth in the affected area

Before the tennis Ankle Sprain Treatment, it is important to have a complete diagnosis of the problem so that you could have the best and effective treatment. During the diagnosis doctor basically, see if a person has some serious injury or fracture that needs to be cured immediately. During the examination, the doctor make sure the following things

  • Doctor make sure that nerves or arteries to the foot have not injured
  • During the examination, the doctor may move the foot and ankle to check in which bony area injury has happened
  • Doctors also check the Achilles tendon for any sign of rupture.
  • Sometimes the doctor may ask the patients for X-rays to make sure that fracture has happened during this injury or not.

Ayurvedic Ankle Sprain Treatment

The pain of the sprained ankle can be managed by doing some home remedies like a massage with hot oil, compression, and rubbing ice or with some rest but to stop the inflammation and to restore the movement of ankle joint it is important to see the specialist.

For the Ankle Sprain Herbal treatment is considered best and safe as it is based on some herbal medicines that are free from any chemical formulation and even combined with some foot or ankle exercises and therapies.

Ayurvedic experts recommend for some oral herbal medicines that could reverse the inflammation and even ask the patients to do massage with some herbal oils to get rid of pain and swelling. Other than this some exercises can easily help the patient to resume the foot or ankle joint movement and functioning.