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Hip Pain And Ayurveda

Hip pain is the common hip joint disorder that can be seen even among the youngsters due to their unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits in this painful condition person may feel pain in either hip joint or around the pelvic region that contains the hip joint. Hip pain can also be referred pain that can happen due to some infections or injuries in the other parts of the body such as the lower back. In Ayurveda, we can define hip pain as the symptom of Kati School and it is caused by the vitiation of the Vata Dosha as per the studies of Ayurveda.

Let us discuss some causes and symptoms of hip pain along with the Ayurvedic hip Pain Treatment approach

There can be multiple factors and conditions responsible for hip pain as follows

  • If the person is suffering from any form of arthritis either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis of hip joint then hip pain can be caused
  • Some type of pelvic infections
  • Some injuries that can cause dislocation, hip fracture and tendinitis can be the reason for hip pain
  • Some form of cancer also lead to pain in hip either one or in both
  • Conditions like avascular necrosis mean the death of bone tissue due to lack of blood supply can also cause hip pain

Pain is the primary system of this problem and it can vary from mild to severe according to the cause of hip pain. Along with the pain, the patient may also notice some symptoms like

  • Inability to move hip joint
  • Swelling in the hip region
  • Deformity in the hip joint

If you have noticed the symptom of hip joint disorder then it is important to see a doctor for Hip Pain Treatment to restore the movement or functioning of the hip joint and to get relief from pain but before recommending any treatment it is important for a doctor to do physical examination of the problem to understand the root cause and extent of the problem. For the clear examination, the doctor may ask you for some tests as follows

To test the sign of infection blood test can be recommended

  • X-rays are asked to confirm about the extent f injury and cause of pain
  • Sometimes if the patient has severed and consistent pain then the doctor may ask for an MRI scan or ultrasound of the hip joint to have a clear picture of the problematic area.

Hip Pain Herbal treatment approach includes the anti-inflammatory herbal medicines, some traditional therapies and some changes in the AAHAR and VIHAR means some changes in diet and lifestyle of the person.

  • AAHAR recommendations are like the patient is asked to consume a diet that could strengthen the bones and joints like eggs, chicken, soup, meat, fish, lentils, curd, and milk. Even experts may ask the patient to avoid the carbonated drinks, packed and junk food and even the patients are asked to take healthy food like nuts and seeds.
  • Vihar changes like to have an active and healthy lifestyle including some exercises or workout so that person could stay for longer.