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Ayurvedic Medicine For Knee Pain treatment

As age advances,we experience problems in various parts of the body which had been trouble free till now. It is also very common to experience pain in the joints, especially in the knee area. Besides aging, knee pain could also arise due to certain medical complications.Whatever the reason,the persons suffering from knee pain go through a terrible time walking and standing. There are alternative treatments available for the same but sometimes the pain becomes literally unbearable. It is recommended that the treatment is availed on time so as to avoid complications later on. Modern medicine specifies a knee replacement surgery as the last resort but there are a number of treatments available under Ayurveda. Before proceeding to learn about the Ayurvedic Knee Pain treatment,it is advisable that we first get ourselves acquainted with the common causes of knee pain

The most common causes of knee pain are listed as under-

  1. Degeneration of the tissues leads to knee pain
  2. A condition called Tendonitis-This is the name given to the condition in which the tendons face inflammation. Tendons are the thick tissues which form a connection between the muscles and the bones. People who undertake strenuous exercises (runners,cyclists, and skiers )are prone to such conditions.
  3. Certain injuries can result in knee pain.
  4. Dislocation of the kneecap.
  5. Chipping of the bone
  6. Arthritis-It is a condition which is characterized mainly by pain in the knees.It is known to be caused due to obesity and certain other factors.
  7. Bursitis-It is the name given to the condition in which the fluid sacs which cushion the area around the knee are inflamed. In such cases,the tendons and ligaments are unable to glide smoothly over each other.
  8. .Obesity
  9. Lack of exercise
  10. Osteoarthritis

The symptoms of knee pain can be listed as under
Although the pain itself is a great indicator of the fact that something has gone wrong with the knees, but there are other symptoms as well which indicate that everything is not fine on the knee front-

  1. Redness –The area tends to become red in color
  2. Swelling-The knee area becomes swollen
  3. Immobility –Apart from the above symptoms, the knee becomes immobile and the person experiences a problem in moving the joint
  4. Stiffness –The patient often feels that the body part has become stiff.
  5. Effusion –One might feel an accumulation of liquid in the area surrounding the knee
  6. Tenderness-Tenderness might also be experienced in certain cases.

While you can wait a while if the pain and other symptoms are not so pronounced but it is advisable if the pain becomes unbearable and the concerned person finds it difficult to carry on his daily activities. So it better to recognize the following signs and book an appointment as soon as possible-

  1. The knee is unable to bear your weight.
  2. The swelling on the knee is excessive.
  3. You are unable to flex your knee or extend it fully.
  4. You can see deformation in the knee.
  5. You experience fever, pain and swelling along with the redness.
  6. You feel that your knee is unstable and can give way anytime.

Knee Pain Ayurvedic Treatment

With various clinics offering knee Pain Herbal treatment, it is easy to opt for treatment and enjoy a painless knee without undergoing surgery. It makes use of herbal medicine to relieve you of knee pain and grant you relief from the painful condition without surgical process.